Sterling silver feature hallmark double-sided cufflinks

Sterling silver feature hallmark double-sided cufflinks

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These rectangular cufflinks are made from sterling silver connected by a traditional chain. To double his style, we've left one cufflink side plain and stamped the other with the four distinguishing feature hallmarks: the Sponsor's Mark depicting the company who sent the item to the assay office (that's us); the Standard Mark describing its finesse, or purity, in parts per thousand (925 means this item is sterling silver); the Assay Office Mark denoting the office it was assayed in (the leopard head refers to the London office); the Date Letter Mark showing the year in which it was tested and hallmarked.

Additional Notes
Gift boxed
SKU 1364
Weight 6.8g
Material sterling silver
Length 18mm
Width 10mm
Depth 3mm
Dimensions 18 × 10 mm