Launch Of The English Tea Company Website

The English Tea Company has been producing luxury silverware for a century, but now we’re launching a website where you can browse and buy our products online.


When it comes to traditional English customs, nothing beats tea. Whether it’s for entertaining guests or enjoying a cup on your own, tea is central to the English psyche — and The English Tea Company is here to serve that.

You may not have heard of us, but for over a 50 years we’ve been quietly supplying leading department stores, prestigious hotels, restaurants and gift shops. Everything is hand-crafted, and the skills we use have been passed down from one generation to the next.


If you’re going to enjoy tea as it should be enjoyed, not just a tea bag in a cup, you’ll need a range of equipment. We have it all in high-quality sterling silver.

This includes a selection of teapots, such as the beautiful Louis Philippe engraved teapot, large enough to pour six cups. We also create equally luxurious silver coffee pots, along with sugar and cream sets to go with them.

You’ll need smaller items, too. It’s important to get the right strainer, and we make a wide range including double-handed and revolving types. If you prefer making your tea with an infuser, we have plenty to choose from, including ball-shaped and heart-shaped models. Whatever method you use, though, you’ll need a caddy spoon, and we have several designs with plain, onyx and MOP handles.

For when you’re having something to go with your tea, we also supply a range of silver tableware, such as toast racks. If what we have on show isn’t right for you, we can create bespoke items to your own requirements.

All our products are now available, with generous trade discounts, so come and browse our brand-new website