New Products On Offer From Douglas Pell

May promises to be an exciting time for our customers. Not only will we be offering a range of new sterling silver products, but we’ll also be launching our sister company, The English Tea Company, offering a wide range of tea products.


Nothing adds an understated touch of class to your shirt sleeves better than sterling silver cufflinks, and we’re introducing several designs to add to our extensive range.

Besides a pair elegantly styled as revolvers, we have cufflinks enamelled in various colours, as well as oval cufflinks of lapis and MOP, blue with white border or enamelled blue and yellow — all based around high-quality sterling silver.


If you need to keep your tie fixed in place, why not do it with a sterling silver tie slide that expresses your interests? We have a new range of tie slides based around sports, with examples modelled on golf, rugby, tennis, sailing or cycling, as well as a tie slide in the form of a Spitfire.


A new venture for Douglas Pell is a range of drinks products, and we’re releasing the first of these in May. Our Georgian style sterling silver wine label and our sterling silver bottle stopper can both be engraved and make perfect promotional gifts.


It would be hard to find anything as quintessentially English as tea, and Douglas Pell’s sister company, The English Tea Company, will be launching in May to offer a range of sterling silver products that are already bestsellers, but are not yet available on the general market.

We cover the various types of strainers and infusers you may need, as well as different designs of caddy spoons and an elegant Louis Phillippe engraved tea pot, as well as a toast rack. Most of these can be customised with your company logo.

All these items are now available, with very generous trade discounts. You can check out all these and more on both the Douglas Pell and The English Tea Company websites.